Monday, July 03, 2006

Fossil Roots

Root Fossils At the River
My family spent the afternoon at the river yesterday. Although I have been going to this particular spot on the river for over thirty years I have just recently become interested in some fascinating fossil roots in the exposed rock on the river's bank.

I assume these are fossil roots, anyway! There is about 100 feet of exposed rock and these fossils are everywhere!

Have a look at all the shots I took of them and give me your input. I'd love a real scientific opinion. I'd even love an opinion by someone with more than a little knowledge of geology or paleobotany.

I think they are quite interesting!

I also thought it interesting that there are living root-systems still growing in the rock formation. It makes one wonder just how old some of the existing trees along the river actually are!

There is a place on the South Coast of England called Lyme Regis, and when the tide comes in, huge amounts of fossils are washed from the cliff-face. They call it the Jurrasic coast, I think.
Just puts us in our place to remember how long life has been on this Earth!
And perhaps how long it will be after we have gone.
Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Peracelsus.

Cheers, mate!
That's some pretty cool stuff. Have you tried to contact the geology dept of a nearby university?

I'm sure they'd be able to help you determine whether or not these are fossils, and identify them if they are. A lot of important fossil discoveries were made by guys like you, who were just knowledgable and observant of the world around them.
Thanks, Michael.

The whole "Exploring Izard County" thing seems to be catching on around the area. I have hopes to do a little research like you suggest just to learn a bit more about the geology and history of this awesome place I live.
Some friends and I are actually giving thought to offering periodic excursions or...if all goes well...offering weekly expeditions to the many who come to enjoy the Ozarks and all that they offer.

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